Feng Shui for Business Owners

Prices from AU $1,490.00$9,900.00 Incl. GST

Feng Shui is not only about peace, love and harmony because when when it comes to business, nothing matters more than the bottom line! 

Dean focuses his Feng Shui knowledge and efforts into achieving real-world results for your business based on your (and key employees) Chinese BaZi astrology, the landforms, entries and exits surrounding your business as well as scrutinizing the interior positioning and layout. Dean will also develop ideas around key areas that you could use to increase your profitability.

This requires a high level of trust and discretion that can only come from years of helping clients in private matters both small and large.


A Feng Shui business consultation will aim for a calm working environment for you and your employees, but there is much more that can be done to improve your profitability.

Dean has worked with clients in building and construction, warehousing, restaurants/cafes, food production facilities, beauty and hairdressing, accountancy, property development, primary production, real estate, call centers and many more with outstanding results. Opportunities to improve cash flow are diverse and will depend on your industry as well as your current situation.

Dean has the skills and experience to assist your business on multiple levels including strategy, development, health/safety and turnover. You can book your consultation safe in the knowledge that Dean will treat your business as seriously as he treats his own.

To conduct a complete Feng Shui audit of your premises, no matter how large or small, Dean will require accurate floor plans, (site and strata plans if applicable) and an accurate compass reading. You will also need to identify key players in your business and provide their birthdates.

Every new business client will receive a special bonus valued at over $150!

* Virtual consultations – At times, a clear satellite image is not available. Since some of the Feng Shui schools used need a very accurate compass reading taken from satellite, it may not be possible to move ahead with your Feng Shui consultation. If this is the case, Dean can refund your fee or help you source a suitable compass and teach you to take your own reading. Virtual consultations are not available for businesses with 20 or more employees.

** In-person consultations – Additional charges apply for travel outside the Sydney region depending on distance travelled. All In-person consultations receive their Feng Shui cures and remedies free of charge. 


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