Chinese Astrology Readings

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BaZi Chinese Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding where you are in your life, and how to get to where you want to be.

Closely linked to Feng Shui and traditional Chinese Medicine, BaZi provides the keys to managing your health, finances, career, relationships, family, love life, education or any other area of life that needs focus and attention.

Dean’s approach to astrology readings is to explain your chart in stages, discussing key moments and the energy that triggered them. He discusses your ‘internal’ and ‘external’ processes and how to align them, bringing your life force energy into balance. You’ll also receive valuable information on the Chi of the current year, giving you the ability to create strategies and plans for your future.


Recorded BaZi Astrology Readings

This astrology service brings you a full astrology reading that you can watch time and time again. BaZi can get fairly complex at times, and it can be difficult to recall what was said in a reading, especially as time passes. All recordings are 1 hour in length (minimum) and available for your private download to watch whenever and wherever you like.


Live BaZi Astrology Readings

Recordings are great and all, but sometimes we just want a human connection and the ability to ask questions during a reading. The live astrology reading doesn’t come with a recording, but you will be able to note down all the answers to your questions as we go. Live readings can run for more than an hour or two, so leave yourself plenty of time.


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